How to buy the right seat covers

Seat covers serve different purposes for different people. Some people just like to personalize their car, and seat covers are a great way to do that. For other people, it is to protect their seats from grease, dirt or other contaminants from their job, or to keep pet hair off the seats as well as protect from their nails. No matter what reason you have to need or want seat covers, the kind you choose can make your car not only stylish, but keep it clean and help your seats last longer.

Seat covers are available in many places from shopping online to your local chain department store. They vary in price as well as color, material and style. Before you start shopping, you want to make sure you are getting the right size and type of seat covers for your particular vehicle. Once you have all the information you need on the type of seats you have, the options of seat covers are almost endless. Seat covers cannot only make your car seats more attractive, but will keep them cleaner and better protected. read more »

Tips for maintaining a car battery

Maintaining a car battery has come a long way from the days before maintenance free batteries that you had to carefully add water to when it got low so they would work and not explode. As these batteries are much less common then they once were, if you still have one, it would probably be wise to invest in a maintenance free battery just for your safety. Many incidents and injuries have occurred from people adding water to these acid filled boxes, making them obsolete.

There is no reason to play chemist when you no longer have to. The misnomer is the maintenance free part of the maintenance free battery.  There are still things you have to make sure that your battery is working to its full potential and not a warning sign of bigger things that may be wrong with your car.

Know where your battery is

The first thing you need to do on any car, whether you are adept at fixing your own car or not, is to know where the battery is. Some manufacturers have played a somewhat hide and go seek game with the battery location, so sometimes you may have to search.  There is no place that is off limits for a battery, accept in front of the driver’s seat. Some cars even require removing tires and body panels to gain access to the battery. With this being said, if you have one of these vehicles that have a hidden battery, you really want to know where it is and how to get to it. You do not want to be the one stuck in an almost empty parking lot and night and not know how to jump start your car is someone wants to help you. One trick you can use if you have a hidden hard to get to battery is to invest in a jump box. It is a small electrical box with what look like the ends of jumper cables, and is used to charge and jump dead batteries. You simply connect it and charge it with the flip of a switch. They are small and inexpensive, and can be a lifesaver for you or someone else with a dead battery. Just make sure that you keep it charged so it will work when you need it. read more »